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About Us

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Apothecary For The People is a small family business operated by land stewards and promoters of knowledge from the natural world. Our work promoting Plant Medicine for Health and Wellness is rooted in our collective effort towards Justice for people and the planet. Over the past 5 years we have been blessed to support the communities we come from throughout the state from LA to the Bay Area. Our intention is to create positive experiences for folks to engage with the fascinating world of medicinal plants. We have held workshops in school science rooms, hosted create your own tea bars at community events, and have had harvest days with our local communities  to demonstrate the teachings of cultivating and crafting medicine. Apothecary For The People was born to provide and serve high quality medicinals and positive experiences with those plants. We are grateful to all our relations for the continued support and care. And a special thank you to you for taking the time to check us out. 

Be well on your journey,

Apothecary For The People  

(Tonatiuh, Phanie, Buster & Alo)

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